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The Mortgage Broker Difference

Have you ever went to a shop but no one seems to really want to help you? You look like any other customer looking to get their product? That's what getting a mortgage would feel like at a bank. Unless you're a A+ client with millions of dollars, banks just see you as income.


With a mortgage broker, we will treat you like family. 

You are my number one priority! 

Get the mortgage broker difference, where I'll be with you every step of the way. I'll get you pre-approved, and informed on real estate and mortgage terminology. I'll help find you a realtor that you can trust. Get a personalized mortgage that fits your lifestyle. I'll make banks compete for your business. My brokering service is free, with no obligations. Let's make you a home owner!

Benefits of a Mortgage Broker

1. Mortgage brokers are FREE!

Many of my clients are shocked when they realize my services are free. Travel time, rate shopping, and organizing your mortgage applications doesn't cost cost a dime. The banks are the ones paying the broker! 


3. You have access to over 30+ Lenders

This is where a mortgage broker really shines. I have excellent connections with numerous bank who all want your business. I have the ability to connect you to big banks, mono-lenders, private lenders etc. (Ex: TD Bank, Scotiabank, Street Capital)

3. Low Interest rates and best terms

With access to over 30+ lenders, you can accept some of the best rates in the industry. Although, I always mention to my clients that interest rates are only 50% of the mortgage. I also consider the best terms in order to get my clients flexibility in their mortgage. Pre-payment options, mortgage mobility, and exit penalties can cost a client more than just a few dollars more a month

4. One Application (Protect your credit score)

Many people don't understand that your one application goes much further than saving you time. Many people fail to get their mortgage approved because they're asking for too much or they don't have the documentation to fit the lenders requirements. Every time you go into a bank and apply for a mortgage, each lender has to pull your credit score. (One bank isn't allowed to forward your credit score for conflict of interest and confidentiality). If your mortgage isn't approved, each credit pull can lower your mortgage leaving a home buyer with a weaker mortgage application after a few attempts.


5. Schedule flexibility with time and place

My promise to you is being able to schedule an appointment to fit your schedule. I find it important to fit to my clients needs and to help the home buying process because as stressless as possible. Whether you want to meet at 11pm or 4am, I am here to help you make a comfortable home buying purchase. 

6. Regulated, Educated, and Highly Confidential

In addition to all the great rates, flexibility and industry knowledge, brokers are all regulated by FICOM which is organized by the government of British Columbia. In addition to regulations, every broker has to go through the sub-mortgage broker licensing exam which is ran by the University of British Columbia.