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Looking to Buy a Home with Bad Credit, Consumer Proposal, or Bankruptcy?

Credit is a terrible way to determine if they someone should be allowed to buy a home. Sure, there's some people that spend way over their limit when they're young and naive. However, most of my clients that have bad credit, or filed a consumer proposals, or bankruptcies are very good, reliable people. They've just had a rough spot in their life.

Situation: Jay was a painter worker that unfortunately fell off a ladder and broke his back. He wasn't able to work for over a year, and couldn't keep up with his monthly car payments.

Problem: His credit score got lower, had late credit card payments as he waited for WSBC compensation (Took over 6 months), and got his car repossessed. Now, after getting re-established with a new job, Jay wasn't able to get approved at a bank due to his bruised credit history.

Solution: We created a strong file that explained what happened, why it happened, and how we know Jay is a reliable, strong applicant.

What will they overlook?

  • No minimum credit score. Major banks will only accept clients with a minimum beacon score of about 620, we can find alternative lenders that are more flexible.

  • Bankruptcy

  • Consumer Proposals

  • Credit Counselling

Who’s this program good for?

  • History of bad credit

  • Someone recently discharged from a bankruptcy or consumer proposal

  • Home owner looking to purchase a rental property but does not fit normal income banking guidelines

Worried if you'll qualify? Please feel free to message me anytime for a free, no obligation consultation. We can go through all your available options, pack your application together, and get you the lowest rate a lender can offer.

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